The OCN Balance Philosophy

"Hey guys, we are Fabi (surfer) and Paul (personal trainer), founders of OCN Balance. We have made it our mission to produce sustainable training equipment in the field of surfing, fitness and surf yoga."

From hobby balance boarder to balance board manufacturer
"As a passionate surfer, I came across balance boarding a long time ago in various surf camps. The first board I stood on was a simple wooden slat on a not quite round self-made wooden roller. Nevertheless, I really liked it and immediately ordered a balance board from Amazon. At that time there were only 1-2 manufacturers and the whole thing was still quite unknown. Since then I stood almost daily on the board and found more and more fun in this sport. But the board was far from perfect. The design was not particularly beautiful, it was too short, it did not slide optimally and in addition it was really expensive for the quality. And it came from China! So I thought to myself: You can do better than that! When balance boarding finally gained more and more popularity at the end of 2020, I decided to found OCN Balance with Paul and produce our own balance boards. It was important to us to make the boards fair, local and sustainable. So we started looking for a workshop and found the Alexianer Werkstätten in Münster. A carpentry workshop, where mainly people with a handicap find work. After visiting the workshop, we were immediately hooked. The quality of the boards and the working conditions in the workshop impressed us immediately! So we worked on the perfect size, shape, surface and glazes to produce a really good balance board! All this by hand and at an absolutely fair price! Here you can find out more about our Balance Boards".