Balance Board beginner tutorial

Balanceboard Anfänger Tutorial

Your first steps with the OCN Balance Board

Welcome to the wonderful world of balance boarding! You just unpacked your Balance Board and want to get started?

We will show you how!

Step 1:

First set up your balance board in front of a wall. This will help you to keep your balance easier in the beginning.

Place the board in the middle of the cork roller, first your back foot on the tail of the board and then your front foot in the front of your balance board.

Now you are ready to start. Put your weight on the front foot to lift the board off the ground. Support yourself with your hands on the wall. Now try to balance the board on the roller and move it back and forth. Once you are doing this well, you can start to move your hands away from the wall and keep your balance.

Don't worry, if you lose your balance, just support yourself with your hands on the wall again. In an emergency, just jump off the board in time. You'll only fall if you don't jump off!

Pro-tip: Center an upper body over your board. All movement is from the hips and legs. YOUR UPPER BODY DOESN'T MOVE!

Now stay loose and have fun with your board! :-)

Step 2:

This time try not to use your hands and keep your balance on the board as long as possible. Try to keep the board balanced and centered over the roller with slightly bent legs. This is harder than you think!

→ The balance board from the photo

Step 3: Now you can consciously try to balance the roll from the nose (the tip of the boards) to the tail (the end of the board).

Caution: If you roll over the nose or the tail, there is a risk of falling. In case of emergency, use the wall to help you, or just jump off the board in time. Then nothing can happen to you!

Balanceboard trick: nose to tail

That's it for now! Have fun with your board and I promise you will be amazed how fast you make progress on the board!

→ The balance board from the clip

Write us in the comments how your first steps on the balance board work out! :-)

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