Balance Board Trick Tutorial - "One Foot"

Balance Board Trick Tutorial -

One of the coolest tricks with your balance board

Hey balance boarders,

You have the first tricks? Then it's time for an especially cool move. The "One Foot"!

To be able to describe the movement exactly, we have divided the trick into 4 steps.

First of all: it's easier the softer the surface is and the bigger the roller is. So for the beginning, a soft surface and a 15 cm cork roller would be recommended. Personally, I usually use a 15 cm roll for this trick. If you only have a standard cork roll with a 10 cm diameter (like on the pictures), this is of course no drama. Just see it as a small new challenge, or get the big roll ;-)

Step 1:

To get into the starting position for the balance board trick "One Foot", the most important thing is to lower your butt as far as possible towards the board. Similar to a very deep knee bend. First try to find the balance like this.

Now position your back hand so that your hand rests on the tails of your balance board.

Caution: Do not grab the rails (the outer edges of the board). You could get your fingers caught.

Balance Board Tricks - Tutorial One Foot

Step 2:

Now comes the most difficult part. We completely unload the back foot and balance the weight with the back hand from now on.

This requires a little practice. And is very wobbly at the beginning. But that settles with time.

OCN Balanceboards trick tutorial - step 2

Step 3:

If you managed to keep the balance with your backhand and front foot, you can now lift your back leg and extend your foot.

Try to hold the position as long as possible.

Pro tip: Additionally grab your foot with your front hand. This looks especially cool!

OCN Balance Board tutorial - Step 3

Step 4:

You're almost there!

Just move your leg back to the position of your natural stance, where your leg was before on the balance board.

You did it!

And don't forget to smile ;-)

The coolest trick with the Balance Board - the One Foot

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See you at the next tutorial!

Your Fabian

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