5 Balance Board tricks! (Intermediate)

5 Balance Board Tricks

The first tricks with your balanceboard

Hey balanceboarder,

You've got the basics down? Now it's time for some cool tricks. We have picked out 5 tricks for you to do with your OCN Balance Board and give you some helpful tips to get them all down as soon as possible!

1. turning takeoff: (difficulty 3/10)

In the Turning Takeoff, you stand on your board the other way around than your natural stance (switch). Cross your legs. Put weight on your front foot and quickly turn over your toes back to your natural stance.

Tadaaa - your first balanceboard trick!

Turning Takeoff Balanceboard

2nd Nose Ride: (Difficulty 4/10)

The Nose Ride looks super cool not only on the surfboard, but also at home on your balance board! To get into the nose ride, first put your front foot on the nose (the tip) of the board with your toes pointing forward. Gradually try to keep the balance with your front leg only. If you succeed, you can now put your back foot forward. Zack: You are in the nose ride!

It feels a bit unusual at the beginning, because you now have to keep the balance exactly over the other axis. But you get used to it quickly!

Style tip: Cross your arms behind your body & hang loose!

Noseride Balanceboard

3. knee tab & rail grab: (difficulty 4/10)

Place your back foot at the very back of the board and your front foot at the very front. This is where the extra 10 cm of the OCN balance board comes in handy. Lower your back knee onto the board and try to keep your balance in this position.

Here you hold the balance with the help of your arms and upper body. In addition, you can grip the side (the rail) of the board with your back hand.

Perfect training for the posture in barrels while surfing!

OCN Balanceboard Knee ride and rail grab

4. 90° Ride: (difficulty 5/10)

For the 90° ride it helps if you already know the nose ride. Most balance boarders find this one a little easier.

Keep the balance with the roller centered between your feet. Now jerk the board 90 degrees to the right or left. Now comes the tricky part, because from now on we hold the balance over the exactly 90 degrees twisted axis.

Tip: Before you held the balance from the hip. But now you have to hold your balance board over your toes and heel on the roller.

By the way a great exercise for surfing steep waves or barrels to keep the balance on a rail of the surfboard!

90 degree turn for barrel ride practice with balance board

5. double 180: (difficulty 6/10)

For the Double 180 it is best to practice a simple 180° jump on your balance board first. The trick for a quick rotation is to turn your shoulders and arms in the exact opposite direction before the jump. This creates a preload in your body, similar to a spring.

By the way, this also helps with other board sports, such as snowboarding or skateboarding.

Balanceboard Double 180

That's it from our side! Have fun practicing!

Write us in the comments how the tricks work for you and which tricks you would like to learn. We are happy to help!

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